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May '11

Urine (You’re in) for a big adventure!

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman   LOCATION: Moab, Utah (2011) On the right, Eugene’s horse is named Dalton. Katie’s horse is named Cisco. Years from now when they have grandchildren — Cisco and Dalton, not Eugene and Katie — they will be flipping through their photo album and reminiscing about their days working the trails at the […]

Mar '11

Hanging on for 127 Seconds

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman & Katie Westfall-Tharp LOCATION: Moab, Utah (2011) In the majestic Utah desert, not far from where James Franco grimaced for his Oscar nomination in 127 Hours, comedian Eugene Mirman opted not to pretend to saw his arm off with a pocket knife. Splattered blood is a major turn-off for his girlfriend […]

Feb '10

The Canyon Cliffwalker*

SUBMITTED BY: Chris Hartzell and Ame Wells    LOCATION: Zion National Park, Utah (2009) Why bother with the burros and those eroding switchback trails when you can just use the shortcut? Nature photographer Chris Hartzell has amazing balance to be able to maintain this Karate Kid pose. And his wife Ame has laser beam vision to […]