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Nov '09

Squish you like a Beach Bug

SUBMITTED BY: Leanna Battista    LOCATION: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (2009) No matter what your age or size, it’s kinda humiliating to be crushed by a monster wearing purple nail polish. (Leanna Battista, a sweet mother of two, loves to vacation on the New Hampshire seashore).

Sep '09

The Golden Gate Appetizer

SUBMITTED BY; Brian Henderson   LOCATION: San Francisco, California Those Creature Double Feature monster movies are always attacking New York or Tokyo. It’s about time another city got picked on! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an uncanny ability to dance like a Dr. Seuss character).

Sep '09

Improv at the Eiffel: 6 photography tricks you can stage at any world landmark

SUBMITTED BY: Brandon Seppa, Tara Seppa, Ilya Mirman, Barrie Mirman, and Brandon Pusey LOCATION: Paris, France (2009) We launch France Week with perhaps the most iconic tacky tourist landmark besides the Leaning Miniskirt of Pisa. Our Tacky Team skipped over the traditional hold-the-famous-landmark-in-your-palm and goofed around with other poses. Unlike the congested trick photography lanes […]

Sep '09

San Francisco’s Leaning Houses of Pisa

SUBMITTED BY: Charley Ferrari    LOCATION: San Francisco, California  (2007) The classic 1966 Batman TV series with Adam West introduced us to the mystique of the canted angle, which conveys chaos and confusion. But what does a reverse canted angle (when the earth is canted and you uncant it) mean? No, these aren’t the Leaning Houses […]

Sep '09

Godzilla at the Louvre

SUBMITTED BY: Christos T.        LOCATION: Paris, France  (2009) The charm and romance of downtown Paris has worn off for Christos, and it’s time to go on a rampage! The Louvre pyramids have been haunted by urban legends that claim there are 666 glass panes. The museum flatly denies this, just as they would a picture […]

Jul '09

The Leaning Tourist of Pisa

SUBMITTED BY: Liz     LOCATION: Italy (2009) Would be great to set up a time-lapse video camera in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa for a year to document how many millions of photo albums contain this hokey photo gag. Ironically, Liz and her husband Mike were unfamiliar with local tacky customs in Pisa and […]