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Jan '11

Wedding Crashers — Vietnam Edition

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie and Ilya Mirman   LOCATION: Vietnam (2011) If you think this picture is a cute affirmation of warm U.S.-Vietnam relations, wait till you see the honeymoon photos!

Oct '10

Naked Cowboy for President?

The only lingering question about the Naked Cowboy’s campaign for president is will he take a page out of the Obama-Clinton playbook and name the Naked Cowgirl as his Secretary of State? Despite their shared love for shocking Manhattan tourists, the Naked Dynamic Duo are actually bitter rivals. As for offbeat presidential candidates, our pick […]

Sep '10

The Grand Exit

SUBMITTED BY: John Lazik    LOCATION: Grand Canyon, Arizona (1998) John: “We found a spot where no one else was around and I noticed there was a significant amount of ground under the railing. The edge of the Canyon was a few feet away. We took a couple pictures until we had the shadows just […]

Jul '10

Let’s see you do that with lava!

SUBMITTED BY: Keithy Ro  LOCATION: Albay Province, the Philippines (2010) OK, so this volcano’s ash may not have shut down a month’s worth of international air travel, but it still must not feel good in your lungs. It appears that Keithy has some sort of volcano immunity! Tens of thousands of Filipinos chose to build […]

Jun '10

Camel Drool Shampoo

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin    LOCATION: Somewhere in Israel (2010) Eeeeeewwwwwww!  This photo goes out to all those animal lovers who kiss their dogs. Who knows where this camel’s mouth has been? Take a closer look at the drippage: (Ari Zackin is a frequent contributor to Tacky Tourist Photos, most recently serving up an unprecedented Spider-Man […]