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Aug '09

Invisible Guts: Scrawny Sumo Wrestling

SUBMITTED BY: David Douglas Stuart, a.k.a. “Big Kamo”     LOCATION: Nagoya, Japan (2003) Unless you’re singing the national anthem or are a major advertiser, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium would never let you on the field for a fantasy jog around the bases. Not so at the sacred sumo rings at the Nagoya Grand […]

Aug '09

Tacky Tourist Photos condemns Minnie Mouse groping incident

By a unanimous 3-0 vote, the Executive Board of Directors of Tacky Tourist Photos unconditionally condemns the 60-year-old creep convicted this afternoon of groping Minnie Mouse at Disney World. We also condemn the Orange County District Court for its light sentencing (50 hours of community service and $1,000 in court costs), believing their weak response […]

Jul '09

Thrilla in Vanilla: Hungary’s Michael Jackson Marzipan Fetish

SUBMITTED BY: Andy Carvin      LOCATION: Hungary (2005) The Neverland Ranch gets all the glory, but there’s another overlooked place for Michael Jackson fans to leave flowers and teddy bears — the Szabo Marzipan Museum in Szentendre, Hungary. Hungary? Well, you can’t eat this candy Michael Jackson. It’s stale.  And, as Andy Carvin reports, […]