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Sep '11

Rainbow Taffy

SUBMITTED BY: Tessa Windt    LOCATION: Somewhere in Texas (2008) Are rainbow rays like Skittles or M & M’s?  Do the yellow and green rays taste just like the red and orange ones? (Tessa Windt found this photo-op during a cross-country drive on Texas backroads. She is also “endlessly attracted to the undulations, mobilities and […]

Jul '11

The Sinister Armadillo

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Houston, Texas (2011) The shiny mascot of Goode’s Armadillo Palace — a local BBQ and music joint — looks sweet and innocent by day. But after nightfall, it turns evil. Be forewarned! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an appetite as huge as the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Feb '11

JFK “Grassy Knoll” has no grass — and no class

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Dallas, Texas (2011) The only thing more obnoxious than this yellow police tape sign would be an Oliver Stone conspiracy movie poster. On the sidewalk where President Reagan was shot, can you imagine a day-glo banner reading “THE GIPPER WAS SHOT HERE!” Was there a second gunman besides Lee Harvey […]

Feb '11

Remember the Virtual Alamo — Part One

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos   LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas (2011) Tacky Tourist Photo Challenge:  Try to line up tourist attraction postcards with the actual scene!

Feb '11

Horny in Texas

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos    LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas (2011) Sexual puns related to cows make us extremely squeamish.

Aug '09

Troops have a wild night out with Hello Kitty

SUBMITTED BY: Kevin Garnick    LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas (1989) While the rest of their Air Force unit marched to the red light district for more traditional company, Airman First Class Kevin Garnick (right) and his buddy were satisfied with the intellectual stimulation of Hello Kitty. This photo was actually taken five weeks into basic training […]