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Apr '11

Man-Eating Bird

SUBMITTED BY: Eliza Truitt    LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland (2011) Or to be more accurate, a woman-eating bird… Why is the Baltimore Oriole about to bite off the head off this innocent baseball fan? Maybe because she was outed as a die-hard Mariners fan! (Eliza Truitt is an enterprising wedding photographer who has been stalking Bigfoot […]

Jan '10

The cuddliest Bigfoot you’ll ever meet

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Mandich and Eliza Truitt LOCATION: British Columbia, Canada (2009) In all the mysterious Bigfoot sightings over the years, no one ever comes back with a sharp, vivid photo. Until now. Turns out that Sasquatch, or “Quatchi,” as his closest friends call him, has just been searching the wilderness for an old-fashioned hug. […]

Dec '09

Sibling Torture: The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Mandich  LOCATION: Williamsburg, Virginia (1975) The Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage starts to empathize with his or captors. The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome is when a torture victim has no memory of being tortured. Five-year-old Steve Mandich is seen here lifelessly dangling from the stockades as sister Cheryl, 10, sticks out her […]