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Mar '12

Bear With Me…

SUBMITTED BY: Ben Cole   LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (2012) Since 1984, UCLA athletes have won more gold medals at the Olympic Games than all but four countries. And this Bruins mascot has bitten more tourists than all other bear statues in America combined. We made up that last statistic, but the Olympics thing is […]

Aug '11

Topless Marilyn

SUBMITTED BY: Leigh Hanlon   LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2011) Will the keywords “Marilyn Monroe” and “topless” send Tacky Tourist Photos’ web traffic through the stratosphere? Maybe if this were still the year 1962. (Photographer Leigh Hanlon, aka “The Chicago Cowboy,” blogs at ChicagoScope.com. Curious about this half-finished statue? Check out our Cheeky Controversy post about […]

Aug '11

Cheeky Controversy

SUBMITTED BY: Various Artists   LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2011) Is the 26-foot tribute to Marilyn Monroe a magnet for pop culture perverts or just harmless fun? Our Tacky Tourist correspondents report there is plenty of evidence to support both scenarios. “Although the sculpture itself isn’t anything groundbreaking and it would probably be better located in New […]

Oct '10

Imagine there’s no tourism…

SUBMITTED BY: Tammie Lowry LOCATION: Havana, Cuba (2004) Probably not too bright for a silly Web site to take a controversial political stand, but Tacky Tourist Photos hereby calls on the Obama administration to IMMEDIATELY lift the Cuba travel embargo so we can go see 1950s cars, see some raw baseball talent and eat sugar […]

Oct '10

Mocking Frogs

SUBMITTED BY: Meg and Jack Keough    LOCATION: Sedona, Arizona (2003) Chances of this guy kissing the frog and meeting his prince? The body language says it all. (Meg Keough shares family vacation advice at Backpack to Buggy, a blog devoted to “Travel with the kids, not for the kids.” She’s extremely outspoken about the dangers […]

Sep '10

Revenge of the LEGO Mummy

SUBMITTED BY: Darren G.   LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts  (2010) You’d also go ballistic if all your buddies were entombed in gold and you got stuck with the LEGO funeral. (ALSO SEE: “Top of the Pyramid: Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts!“)

Sep '10

Kirby Your Enthusiasm

SUBMITTED BY: Doug Mack   LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota (2010) Seeing your childhood idol cast in bronze summons all kinds of emotions. As Doug posed with this statue of Kirby Puckett outside Target Field, a stranger walked by and shouted: “Make your butt look bigger! Then you’ll look exactly like him!” Hey, Roly Poly Kirby’s butt was […]

Jul '10

Chicken Little: NHL hockey legends are falling from the sky!

SUBMITTED BY: Kathie Fife LOCATION: Boston, Mass. (2010) Brace yourself for attack. Bobby Orr, the Boston Bruins and Hockey Hall of Fame legend known for his “flying goal” to win the 1970 Stanley Cup, is gonna get you. In real life, Orr is the most charming man on the planet. But if you don’t know […]

Jun '10

Bronze Mucus: Celtics good luck charm vs the Lakers?

Just like Spain’s strategic use of a “sorcerer” to put a hex on World Cup rival Portugal, Celtics fans believe rubbing the bronzed body of legendary coach Red Auerbach will boost their chances against the Lakers. During the nailbiting NBA Finals, Boston fans have been flocking to the Faneuil Hall tourist trap to summon the […]

Oct '09

Street Sweeper or Soviet Spy?

SUBMITTED BY: Laura Molta   LOCATION: Madrid, Spain (2009) There are several deeply troubling aspects to this seemingly innocent tourist photo. First is the cavalier attitude and body posture of the tourist: LOOK AT ME! I AM LEANING UP AGAINST AN AUTHENTIC BLUE-COLLAR WORKER! What’s with the casual knee bend? Second, this alleged tribute to an […]