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Mar '11

The least intimidating Darth Vader ever

SUBMITTED BY: David Pryke   LOCATION: Carlsbad, California (2010) We’re usually blown away by the realism captured in most official LEGO sculptures, but the essence of the Evil Empire isn’t looming over LEGOLAND. Whether they fight with light sabers or their bare hands, our bets are on the mild-mannered guy in the plaid shirt and shorts! […]

Aug '09

Cold War meets Star Wars: Lonely Stormtrooper guards East Berlin

SUBMITTED BY: Dave Pryke   LOCATION: East Berlin, Germany (2009) When President Ronald Reagan dreamed of his Star Wars defense plan, this is not exactly what he had in mind. Filmmaker Dave Pryke encountered a lone Stormtrooper from Darth Vader’s legendary 501st Legion guarding the Brandenburg Gate, which stands just outside the site of the demolished […]