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Aug '11

Winner of the Sphinx Rodeo

SUBMITTED BY: Ari G.  LOCATION: Glen, NH (2011) New Hampshire, home of Story Land‘s Sphinx, is a helluva lot safer than Cairo right now. (Ari G. is a frequent Tacky Tourist Photo contributor who has munched the World’s Largest Box of Popcorn and bench pressed the Liberty Bell. His favorite ride is Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s […]

Aug '11

Smooching the Sphinx: Dry Lips?

SUBMITTED BY: Dana Prey   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) Wanna recreate the sensation of getting sensual with the Sphinx?  Go kiss a bucket of sand! (Dana Prey is a bacon-loving Southern belle living in New England, who documents her competitive cycling addiction on her “Wall of Pain.”) CURATOR’S PICK — Do you LOVE photographing ancient […]