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Feb '11

JFK “Grassy Knoll” has no grass — and no class

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Dallas, Texas (2011) The only thing more obnoxious than this yellow police tape sign would be an Oliver Stone conspiracy movie poster. On the sidewalk where President Reagan was shot, can you imagine a day-glo banner reading “THE GIPPER WAS SHOT HERE!” Was there a second gunman besides Lee Harvey […]

Nov '10

Jelly Bean Immortality

SUBMITTED BY: David C.    LOCATION: Fairfield, California (2010) Ronald Reagan took on the Soviet Union with a sweet tooth. We can’t wait to see the Jimmy Carter peanut mosaic, the Bill Clinton “Big Mac” montage and the Barack Obama cigarette sculpture! (The Jelly Belly Factory Tour also includes jelly bean portraits of Elvis, John Wayne, […]

Aug '09

Cold War meets Star Wars: Lonely Stormtrooper guards East Berlin

SUBMITTED BY: Dave Pryke   LOCATION: East Berlin, Germany (2009) When President Ronald Reagan dreamed of his Star Wars defense plan, this is not exactly what he had in mind. Filmmaker Dave Pryke encountered a lone Stormtrooper from Darth Vader’s legendary 501st Legion guarding the Brandenburg Gate, which stands just outside the site of the demolished […]