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Oct '10

Shaq to Fans: I’ll pose for a Tacky Tourist Photo!

Why wait until you’re dead to let fans climb all over your likeness? According to the Boston Herald, basketball lovers will soon have a chance to pose with Shaq while he pretends to be a statue in Harvard Square. The groundrules: No talking, no autographs, just snapshots like you’d take with any tourist landmark. Here’s […]

Nov '09

CELTICS PRIDE: Is this what basketball players mean when they ask you to set a pick?

SUBMITTED BY: Mike Faucher   LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2003) And you thought the frozen Ted Williams got abused? The bronzed Red Auerbach, the basketball mastermind who coached the Boston Celtics dynasty in the 1960s and puffed cigar smoke in opponents’ faces, can’t get any respect either. Says Tacky Tourist Photos model Mike Faucher: “Who says you […]