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Oct '11

Occupy Wall Street… By The Balls

SUBMITTED BY: Aaron Whitehead   LOCATION: New York, NY (2011) Legend has it that rubbing the brass balls of the Wall Street Bull statue, formally known as “Charging Bull,” will bring good luck to your portfolio.  Is it only a matter of time till the Occupy Wall Street mob attempts castration?

Aug '11

Cheeky Controversy

SUBMITTED BY: Various Artists   LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2011) Is the 26-foot tribute to Marilyn Monroe a magnet for pop culture perverts or just harmless fun? Our Tacky Tourist correspondents report there is plenty of evidence to support both scenarios. “Although the sculpture itself isn’t anything groundbreaking and it would probably be better located in New […]

Aug '10

High-Tech Backwash

SUBMITTED BY: Beth H. LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2010) Nothing’s classier than modern art that spits in your hand!