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May '11

Puritan Justice

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick   LOCATION: Plymouth, Mass. (~1978) Why is it that so many “living history” theme parks glorify the hazing and humiliation of the past? Sticking your kids’ wrists between two slabs of wood was the 17th Century equivalent of taking away video game privileges for a week. Yesterday’s torture is today’s charming nostalgia… […]

Nov '09

History’s Most Disappointing Tourist Attraction (and the Tacky Tourist Photo that got away)

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos LOCATION: Plymouth, Mass. (2009) This is the Tacky Tourist Photo that got away. Moments earlier, a hoodie-wearing college kid and his girlfriend posed for each other while pretending to try to choke themselves (hands around their throats) with Plymouth Rock as a backdrop. The camera angle was high, pointing down […]