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Mar '12

Dominoes Can Be Deadly

SUBMITTED BY: Traci and Matt Suppa   LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2012) Imagine getting crushed by a giant domino — like some kind of sadistic Batman trap staged by The Riddler or The Joker? We’re assuming that steel rods prevent this nightmare from happening. But the outdoor location certainly make these the World’s Grimiest Dominoes as well! […]

Aug '11

Gonna Fly Now… in Miniature!

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick   LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2010) Everyone knows how to retrace the historical steps of Sylvester Stallone. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a lot more accessible to tourists than the snowbanks of Siberia — if you have your heart set on recreating Rocky IV. But did you know that you can run […]

Oct '10

Tackiest Souvenir Contest!

Our friends over at I Wanna Go There are sponsoring a “Tackiest Souvenir Ever!” contest that runs through Sunday, October 10. Here’s our entry, a bloodied Rocky Balboa coffee mug commemorating the bruised mug of Sylvester Stallone at the end of both Rocky I and Rocky II. What I especially love about the mug is […]

Sep '10

Lifting Liberty

SUBMITTED BY: Ari G. LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2010) Any chiropractors in the house?