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Sep '09

Mona Lisa Gridlock

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman      LOCATION: The Louvre, Paris, France (2009) Is ANY painting or ANY museum exhibit worth waiting in lines longer than the Outback Steakhouse on a Saturday? Is it possible to enjoy the Mona Lisa when you know there are dozens of people hovering behind you, wishing that you would disappear? No wonder […]

Sep '09

Even backgammon is more romantic in France

These dice need no elaboration, however, it is odd they are being marketed next to Eiffel keychains and coasters. Nice product placement, souvenir store guy!

Sep '09

In-Seine: Frustrated future Olympic gymnast or clumsy tourist buffoon?

SUBMITTED BY: Andreas Papaioannides   LOCATION: Seine River, Paris, France (2009) How many American tourists does it take to hang on an iron ship anchor ring? We don’t resolve that question here because two of these three guys are citizens of Greece.  We won’t tell you which ones, because, well, Tacky Tourist Photos believes we are […]

Sep '09

Footsies (or yoga) at the Louvre? What are these tourists doing?

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman    LOCATION: Louvre Fountains — Paris, France (2009) This is either an inside joke or the next Benneton jeans ad. Strike that. If this were a Benneton ad, there would be a female priest and a female rabbi making out, with each one being a different ethnicity just to rile up people […]

Sep '09

The Eiffel Tower Dunce Cap

SUBMITTED BY: Brandon Pusey    LOCATION: Paris, France (2009) OK, so this Eiffel Tower hat trick isn’t perfect. The white tourist van protruding from Brandon’s cheek kills the magic. It’s extremely difficult to coax foreigners to choose a different parking space — especially in a foreign language in a foreign land. It should be noted […]

Sep '09

Tacky Tourist Photos announces the launch of FRANCE WEEK!

France means many things to many people. For military strategists, it is a place to ruminate about the dumbest national defense plan EVER, the Maginot Line. For Sylvester Stallone fans, it is the place where Sly once played goalie against an All-Star Gestapo soccer team and showed that anything is possible if you grunt and […]