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Sep '09

Tacky Tutorial: The Importance of Passion

SUBMITTED BY: Chris Morena   LOCATION: Kissimmee, Florida (2009) Stuntman and character actor Chris Morena, who was once a line up suspect on NBC’s Law & Order, takes his tacky tourist photo-ops seriously. As well he should. Notice the passion and energy that Chris demonstrates as he interacts with the wooden board and the fake Will […]

Jul '09

Capital Punishment debate coming to an arcade near you

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos        LOCATION: Kissimmee, Florida For a mere 25 cents, you can get strapped into a pretend electric chair and “experience” what it’s like to get a small current zapped through your body. This “Hot Seat” amusement ride was inside an arcade at Olde Town, kind of a cheap […]