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Sep '10

Who’s the REAL tourist?

SUBMITTED BY: Lillie Marshall    LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand (2010) If you were an extraterrestrial alien and you landed in your hometown, you would think it was the most fascinating tourist destination. Wouldn’t you? We know that sounds a little deep and philosophical for a travel humor site. But we’re not opposed to provoking intellectual conversations. Especially […]

Aug '10

Tacky Tourist Photos: “An easy way to waste a few hours of your day.”

The above headline is the flattering endorsement we just received from Away.com, a witty travel blog owned by Orbitz. Editor Lacy Morris names her Top 10 Tacky Souvenirs (Photo-ops @ Pisa are #4) and her historical insights on snowglobes are worth the click alone!

Jul '10

Art Buchwald’s Tourist Prayer

In honor of the late humorist Art Buchwald, we serve up his infamous “Tourist Prayer,” which we recently discovered in a Manhattan gift shop window. Buchwald wrote his prayer in 1971 in response to a bizarre Greek Orthodox Church anti-tourist prayer that called on Jesus to protect their monasteries from the “scourge” of world travelers […]

Jun '10

Camel Drool Shampoo

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin    LOCATION: Somewhere in Israel (2010) Eeeeeewwwwwww!  This photo goes out to all those animal lovers who kiss their dogs. Who knows where this camel’s mouth has been? Take a closer look at the drippage: (Ari Zackin is a frequent contributor to Tacky Tourist Photos, most recently serving up an unprecedented Spider-Man […]