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Jan '15

Screaming For Legos

SUBMITTED BY: Kaden Garnick   LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2015) At Lego artist Nathan Sawaya‘s “Art of the Brick” exhibit, it’s much easier to channel “The Scream” than the Mona Lisa. Or is Kaden simply paying tribute to actor Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone?” (Kaden Garnick is a creative middle school student who loves Legos and […]

Dec '11

“Tacky Tourist Photos LIVE!” delights the critics

If the hushed chatter in the hallowed halls of Tewksbury Public Library is any indication, it looks like “Tacky Tourist Photos Live” is a bona fide smash sensation! If you happen to live within 300 miles of the Greater Tewksbury area, load your family up in the station wagon for a photography exhibition that will […]

Dec '09

Top 10 Reasons You Should Experience TTP LIVE!

Tacky Tourist Photos is obviously a fun and wildly insightful online project, but there’s nothing like actually meeting fellow fans of the genre! As you may already know from our fruitful media campaign, we were delighted to participate in our first live art gallery show, New Hampshire’s  Floating Gallery — thank you, Beth Eisenberg — […]

Dec '09

Can’t afford to SEE the Mona Lisa? Then BE the Mona Lisa!

NASHUA, NH — To raise money for the Nashua Soup Kitchen, the curators of TackyTouristPhotos.com will stage a daring and ambitious piece of performance art called “Be the Mona Lisa” at the Floating Art Gallery on Sunday, Dec. 6. Visitors will substitute their heads for the famous smiling lady immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, […]

Oct '09

Rock Hall of Fame’s “No Cameras” Policy Sucks the Fun out of Life

A TACKY TOURIST EDITORIAL — By Ilya Mirman I’m a huge music junkie and love capturing snippets of my concert experiences with photography. Obviously, I’m not alone. Check out the sea of cameras at this recent Springsteen concert at Boston Garden: So you might imagine how psyched I was to plan a visit to the […]