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Dec '12

Michelangelo’s David: New York’s REAL Naked Cowboy?

SUBMITTED BY: Laura Molta    LOCATION: New York, NY (2012) Every Manhattan tourist is familiar with the infamous Naked Cowboy (and Naked Cowgirl) in Times Square. But this mobile Gulliver-esque pose by King David must have been a stunning surprise! (Laura Molta is an award-winning filmmaker and TV producer based in Boston.)

Aug '09

The Leaning Miniskirt of Pisa

SUBMITTED BY: Brad from The Terrible Catsafterme blog    LOCATION: Pisa, Italy (2009) It takes a visionary to visit a tourist trap where everyone takes the same cookie-cutter photo and walk away with a shot that’s fresh and provocative. It takes a sexist visionary, but who are we to point fingers after the Jessica Simpson “waxual […]