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Sep '09

The Dr. Seuss Chorus Line

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson    LOCATION: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts Now appearing Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway: Brian Henderson and the Sneeches! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist who vacations with the elite on Martha’s Vineyard. Efforts to perform for President Barack Obama were unsuccessful). OTHER TACKY MARTHA’S VINEYARD SNAPSHOTS: Death of an Amphibian Icon: Kermit the Frog at the West Tisbury […]

Aug '09

Thank God for politically incorrect zoos

SUBMITTED BY: Paul Garnick   LOCATION: Mendon, Massachusetts (2009) Massachusetts is a place where animals at state-funded zoos were recently threatened to be put on Death Row because of budget cuts. It is also a place where gorillas throw their dung at elected officials. With those two irrelevant Bay State zoo facts out of the way, […]

Aug '09

Death of an amphibian icon

SUBMITTED BY: Laura Molta   LOCATION: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (2007) Think county fairs are all about cotton candy and fried Snickers bars? Think again. In West Tisbury, Massachusetts, Laura was horrified to stumble across this gruesome scene of Kermit the Frog danging from the rafters of a carnival game. We’re equally horrified that Kermit, the […]