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May '14

You’d Have to be NUTS Not to Love This Photo

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie and Ilya Mirman   LOCATION: Belfast, Maine (2014) This nutcracker looks like a lobster, from the hue to the anatomy of the tail and claws. It even looks like the artist ran out of paint. But this “Head in the Hole” sign board photo-op at Perry’s Nut House gets an A+ for […]

Feb '13

Lumberjack Lore: Minnesota vs. Maine Bragging Rights

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen  LOCATION: Bangor, Maine (1995) The lumberjacks of northern and central Maine claim that legendary giant Paul Bunyan was born there. The lumberjacks of Minnesota claim the Land of 10,000 Lakes as Bunyan’s birthplace. Who’s right? Who cares. The more kitschy Paul Bunyan statues in the world, the better. Bemidji, Minnesota has […]

Feb '12

Family Bonding With Boulders

SUBMITTED BY: Jerry Monkman  LOCATION: Acadia National Park, Maine (2011) It’s so true: Families who push boulders off cliffs together, stay together. This Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote photo-op is on the Bubble Rock hiking trail near Jordan Pond. (Nature photographer Jerry Monkman is the author of “The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography.”)  

Sep '10

The whole world in my hands

SUBMITTED BY: Matt and Traci Suppa   LOCATION: Yarmouth, Maine (2010) Not wanting to play favorites with any one continent, Matt chooses a random stretch of ocean to rest on his shoulders. You have to give the DeLorme Map Company credit: They didn’t skimp on their Guinness Book of World Records office decor! (Traci and Matt […]

May '10

Don’t tread on me

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie Mirman and Christos LOCATION: L.L. Bean World Headquarters, Freeport, Maine (2010) Before they even had a chance to try on a pair of flannel-lined jeans, Christos and Barrie were crushed like yuppie bugs….

Aug '09

You are what you eat: Be the chocolate banana

SUBMITTED BY: Pam O’Meara   LOCATION: York Beach, Maine (2009) Somebody call Ralph Nader. This is one of the most insidious examples of product placement imaginable. Mere steps away from the frozen banana bicycle cart at York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo is an invitation for children to fantasize about being smothered in chocolate and rainbow ice cream […]