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Aug '11

First Dates

SUBMITTED BY: Kaeli Conforti   LOCATION: Nassau, Bahamas (2011) Young women just dig guys in silk ruffled shirts and unscrupulous morals. But an honest gorilla looking for love? — Forget it! (Kaeli Conforti is a New York City travel writer with a weakness for wax museums).

Aug '11

The Deodorant Police

SUBMITTED BY: Al Kaufman   LOCATION: New York, NY (2011) Beyonce’s “Heat” perfume was so hot that it was banned from the British airwaves. Maybe it’s time for the diva to launch her own deodorant? (Al Kaufman is an Atlanta music writer who avoids using the term “diva,” yet is pining for a Destiny’s Child reunion […]

Sep '10

Jackie O’s Revenge

SUBMITTED BY: Tom Shattuck     LOCATION: Washington DC (2010) Oh, the pickup lines that Tom could use with Jackie: “Hey, baby, you can hang that pillbox hat anywhere you’d like!” “Jackie, ask not what you can do for adultery, ask what adultery can do for you!” “I will pay any price, bear any burden, meet […]

Apr '10

Brides of Clooney Speak

If you love the “Marrying George Clooney” slideshow, you probably wish you knew the motivation and mindset of each bride. Wish granted. For the first time ANYWHERE, here are the voices of George Clooney’s brides! (If you have recently married or committed adultery with a wax celebrity, please share the incriminating photos with us!)

Mar '10

One Dress Fits All: Marrying Clooney in Las Vegas

Warning: What you are about to see in the following slideshow may horrify you. You will see polygamy. You will see violence. You will even see brides with hairy arms and Hawaiian shirts. But what might be the most shocking thing of all is that this Las Vegas wedding chapel offers only one size and […]

Mar '10

Posing with Evel: A Tacky Tourist Tutorial

Take a look at Tacky Tourist Photos co-founder and curator Darren Garnick in the picture above. Sure, he’s one of the world’s most knowledgeable authorities on kitschy travel snapshots. But even he can occasionally forget the basics. There’s nothing particularly bad about this photo, but there’s nothing especially creative about it either. The best Tacky […]

Feb '10

Tiger Woods before he got caught

SUBMITTED BY: Heather Wang   LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada (2009) In retrospect, it should have been obvious that Tiger Woods had much more on his mind on the golf course. Look at that gaze. We suspect he isn’t thinking about what par this hole is — or that he even cares that this woman has a […]