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Nov '11

Mermaid Romance

SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc   LOCATION: Charlestown, Mass. (2011) When you kiss a fish, it is better with your eyes closed? Rumor has it that smooching with this Fish Sentinel, the official guard of City Square Park near Boston Harbor, will make you grow fins. (Noelle Boc is a hip children’s librarian and movie reviewer […]

Feb '11

Greetings from the Princess City: Pocahontas, Iowa

SUBMITTED BY: Cali Ressler   LOCATION: Pocahontas, Iowa (2011) Pocahontas, the Native American heroine best known for her “Colors of the Wind” ballad, greets visitors to one of the most sparsely populated corners of Iowa. One of the best ways to sell more t-shirts and snowglobes is to name your town after a Disney character. (Cali […]