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Oct '11

Smells like the KGB

Hey, the Nicaraguan military is available for reality TV shows, so why wouldn’t the Russian Army stop what it’s doing for an Avon perfume press conference? Fergie, whose passion for Tacky Tourist poses was just demonstrated by her waxual self-harassment at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds, used the ex-Soviet soldiers to promote her new fragrance, […]

Oct '09

Leap of Faith: Tourist Joy in the City That Never Smiles

SUBMITTED BY: Brandon Seppa    LOCATION: Red Square, Moscow, Russia (2009) Despite having whimsical cupcake churches like St. Basil’s Cathedral near the Kremlin, our Russian-born sources swear that Moscow is the city that never smiles. That doesn’t stop the exuberant Brandon from expressing his zest for life. Twenty years ago, this kind of nonconformity may have […]