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Feb '11

JFK “Grassy Knoll” has no grass — and no class

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Dallas, Texas (2011) The only thing more obnoxious than this yellow police tape sign would be an Oliver Stone conspiracy movie poster. On the sidewalk where President Reagan was shot, can you imagine a day-glo banner reading “THE GIPPER WAS SHOT HERE!” Was there a second gunman besides Lee Harvey […]

Nov '10

Oktoberfest Bunnies & Cows

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne    LOCATION: Munich, Germany (2010) Only a few hours into Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich becomes a giant Facebook page filled with alcohol-induced photo-ops. We have no idea what possesses grown men to dress in pink bunny pajamas and cows with exposed udders when there are no costume parties at any […]

Oct '10

Oktoberfest: Do these drinks come in kiddie sizes?

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Freising, Germany (2010) You know what it takes to stay in business for a THOUSAND YEARS? Not being chintzy on the serving sizes. At the historic Weihenstephan Brewery, founded in 1040, there is no such thing as a small! (Kerry Byrne, aka “The Beer Traveler,” is visiting the World’s […]

Feb '10

The Tacky Tourist Citrus Diet

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne LOCATION: Florida (2010) Move over, Jenny Craig. Football guru Kerry Byrne has developed a fool-proof diet plan. “If you want to look like you’ve lost weight, stand next to something much larger and rounder than you,” he says. “Voila! I don’t look a pound over 250 anymore.” Keep your eye on […]