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May '12

Your Friendly Neighborhood Crusaders

SUBMITTED BY: Ellie and Michael Mirman   LOCATION: Tel Arshaf (Tel Aviv), Israel (2012) Tourist sites are equally guilty of romanticizing the Vikings, but these Crusaders seem more likely to want to swap recipes than slit your throats! For the benefit of our Tacky Tourist history buffs, here’s the scoop on the Crusader fort just outside […]

Jun '11

The Floating Library: Who says literacy is Dead?

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin   LOCATION: Dead Sea, Israel (2010) How much actual reading gets done in the Dead Sea is unknown, but posing with a magazine or newspaper to “prove” it won’t get wet is a classic Israeli (and Jordanian) photo-op! (Ari Zackin will do anything to model for Tacky Tourist Photos, even take a […]

Jun '11

The Lowest (and Liveliest) Place on Earth

SUBMITTED BY: Salena Stinchcombe   LOCATION: Dead Sea, Jordan (2007) No one has ever died from a shark attack in the Dead Sea, making it the ideal place to bodysurf and yuk it up in the mud… The water is 35-percent salt, making it impossible to sink, but still very possible to drown. You don’t want […]

Sep '10

Where’s your Saddam Hussein snowglobe?

SUBMITTED BY: Jonathan Willis   LOCATION: Jerusalem, Israel (1991) Compared to the nutcakes running the Middle East today, there’s something almost cute about having Saddam as your enemy. (Jonathan Willis is a high school English teacher who loves promoting literacy and Greek mythology-themed water ballet.)

Jul '10

Sushi at Sea Level

SUBMITTED BY: Mark Z. LOCATION: Israel (2010) What do Israel and Uganda have in common? Both have slyly transformed invisible geographical concepts into tourist attractions. For Israel to brag about the Dead Sea being the “Lowest Place on Earth” (1378 feet below Sea Level), it set up Sea Level markers for comparison. You can see […]

Jun '10

Camel Drool Shampoo

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin    LOCATION: Somewhere in Israel (2010) Eeeeeewwwwwww!  This photo goes out to all those animal lovers who kiss their dogs. Who knows where this camel’s mouth has been? Take a closer look at the drippage: (Ari Zackin is a frequent contributor to Tacky Tourist Photos, most recently serving up an unprecedented Spider-Man […]

Apr '10

Seaweed Groucho

SUBMITTED BY: Marcia Greene   LOCATION: Ein Gedi National Park, Israel (2010) King David hung out in the caves at this Judean Desert oasis.  The Moabites and Ammonites were fans of its waterfalls. And the nature reserve also gets a plug in King Solomon’s “Song of Songs.” But for Marcia’s friend Adi, the freshwater seaweed makes […]

Dec '09

Holes-in-the-Head in the Holy Land

SUBMITTED BY: Rebecca & Steven Resnick     LOCATION: Israel (2008) Their family vacation was only a year ago, but Rebecca and her brother Steven can’t remember exactly where they took these precious “Hole-in-the-Head” shots of Moses and a Crusader. “We know it was somewhere in northern Israel, possibly in the Golan Heights area, but disagree on […]

Jul '09

Goofing off at the Museum (or why I can’t take you kids anywhere)

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman        LOCATION: Beersheva, Israel (2007) The curators of the Israeli Air Force Museum were probably hoping visitors would be awestruck by F-16 fighter jets and want to watch the Hebrew DVD of “Top Gun.” Or perhaps visitors would want the inside scoop about the Raid on Entebbe, a daring […]