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Oct '10

Everyone loves this music — except the armadillo

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman   LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary (2008) Oh, like you haven’t converted all your armadillo torsos into guitars? (Ilya Mirman is the co-founder of Tacky Tourist Photos. He encourages you to send your fun flea market finds to tackytouristphotos@gmail.com)

Jul '09

Thrilla in Vanilla: Hungary’s Michael Jackson Marzipan Fetish

SUBMITTED BY: Andy Carvin      LOCATION: Hungary (2005) The Neverland Ranch gets all the glory, but there’s another overlooked place for Michael Jackson fans to leave flowers and teddy bears — the Szabo Marzipan Museum in Szentendre, Hungary. Hungary? Well, you can’t eat this candy Michael Jackson. It’s stale.  And, as Andy Carvin reports, […]