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Apr '10

Meet the youngest members of the NRA

SUBMITTED BY: Jennifer Howard Heater   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (1978) Yes, when you go to Walt Disney World or any amusement park, you are expected to temporarily suspend your sense of reality. But back in Ye Olde Days, were bank robbers so bold as to stop by the photography studio (which was a formal ordeal back […]

Dec '09

Sibling Torture: The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Mandich  LOCATION: Williamsburg, Virginia (1975) The Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage starts to empathize with his or captors. The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome is when a torture victim has no memory of being tortured. Five-year-old Steve Mandich is seen here lifelessly dangling from the stockades as sister Cheryl, 10, sticks out her […]