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Aug '11

Smooching the Sphinx: Dry Lips?

SUBMITTED BY: Dana Prey   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) Wanna recreate the sensation of getting sensual with the Sphinx?  Go kiss a bucket of sand! (Dana Prey is a bacon-loving Southern belle living in New England, who documents her competitive cycling addiction on her “Wall of Pain.”) CURATOR’S PICK — Do you LOVE photographing ancient […]

Feb '11

OK, so we’re obsessed with Egypt this month — who isn’t?

SUBMITTED BY: Vinnie Raponi    LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) While peaceful Egyptian mobs are beating the crap out of American journalists, TTP is sharpening its focus on the cuter side of Cairo. If Vinnie’s sharp fingernails get any closer, he’ll soon find out if the Great Pyramids of Giza are real or if they are cheap […]