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Apr '10

George Clooney’s Insomniac Bride

Amy Ferris, the witty and irreverent author of “Marrying George Clooney: Confessions of a Midlife Crisis,” strives to “encourage women to fulfill their greatness: to be bold, audacious, extraordinary and beautiful.” She’s also an enthusiastic fan of Tacky Tourist Photos, which we happen to believe are also bold, audacious, extraordinary and beautiful. We’re delighted to […]

Apr '10

Brides of Clooney Speak

If you love the “Marrying George Clooney” slideshow, you probably wish you knew the motivation and mindset of each bride. Wish granted. For the first time ANYWHERE, here are the voices of George Clooney’s brides! (If you have recently married or committed adultery with a wax celebrity, please share the incriminating photos with us!)

Mar '10

One Dress Fits All: Marrying Clooney in Las Vegas

Warning: What you are about to see in the following slideshow may horrify you. You will see polygamy. You will see violence. You will even see brides with hairy arms and Hawaiian shirts. But what might be the most shocking thing of all is that this Las Vegas wedding chapel offers only one size and […]

Mar '10

Oscar Weekend Special: The Not-So-Ugly Americans

SUBMITTED BY: Heather Wang    LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada (2009) So much for the so-called Ugly American, that hateful 1958 political novel that forever stereotyped U.S. tourists and business people as loud, egotistical and obnoxious. Quite the contrary, it turns out that Americans — like Heather and husband-to-be George Clooney — are not so ugly after […]