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Oct '14

Yellowstone Challenge: Who’s the Alpha Male?

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Silberberg   LOCATION: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming(2014) It’s every guy’s fantasy to grow a pair of antlers and bang heads with anyone who threatens his backpacking dominance. We’ve never seen either of these guys lock antlers before, but we’re betting on the guy on the right. The guy without the pair of purple […]

Jul '13

The Most Excited British Tourist in America

SUBMITTED BY: Danny Bent   LOCATION: Route 66, Northern Arizona (2013) Phone booths are a rare sight indeed these days, let alone foreign ones on American soil. So you’ll have to forgive the enthusiasm of backflippin’ Danny Bent, who did a one-handed handstand when he saw a vandalized booth from his homeland. This is not a […]

Sep '12

Magic Carpet Ride… Without the Rug

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman    LOCATION: Agra, India (2012) In Ancient Times, we know which tourist would have been the Court Jester! (Jumping Norman is one of the world’s most preeminent practitioners of the joyful frozen-in-midair photo-op.  You can see all of his work on his Facebook page.)

Aug '12

Mini Golf Mayhem

SUBMITTED BY: Marty Karlon   LOCATION: Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2010) Sharing a first name with a concrete bear is no guarantee he won’t attack you. (Marty Karlon is a seasoned journalist and communication professional with a soft spot for community theater and a low tolerance for cookie-cutter press releases).

Jan '12

The Meanest Teacher in History

SUBMITTED BY: Kathie Fife   LOCATION: Hillsborough, NH (2011) Remember when educators carried rulers and would crack your wrists for chewing gum or misspelling a word? Well, in addition to shining the silverware of President Franklin Pierce, the Hillsborough Historical Society loves to romanticize mean old school teachers. (Kathie Fife is a nature photographer and greeting […]

Dec '11

Show us your Great Wall dance moves

We’ve previously showcased some great improvisational acting on the Great Wall of China, such as TTP star correspondent Brian Henderson’s “Where Can I Find a Decent Chinese Restaurant?” pose.  But YouTube dance star Nonstop really kicks things up a notch!      

Dec '11

Save the Date (Dec. 7) — Come enjoy Tewksbury Tacky Tourist Night!

Sorry to go all regional on you, but if you happen to live in New England (or are vacationing there), come on out and meet the Tacky Tourist founders, curators, and administrative staff! TEWKSBURY TACKY TOURIST PHOTOS NIGHT 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 7 Tewksbury Public Library 300 Chandler Street Tewksbury, MA 01876 978-640-4490 Join founding […]

Nov '11

Mermaid Romance

SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc   LOCATION: Charlestown, Mass. (2011) When you kiss a fish, it is better with your eyes closed? Rumor has it that smooching with this Fish Sentinel, the official guard of City Square Park near Boston Harbor, will make you grow fins. (Noelle Boc is a hip children’s librarian and movie reviewer […]

Sep '11

Got Milk?

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K.  LOCATION: Middlebury, Vermont (2011) So if you’re in the market for a cheese factory, the abandoned Kennedy Brothers property is for sale. Not sure if this eyeless cow will be tossed in the deal, but odds are that she will be living in a University of Vermont or Middlebury College dorm […]

Aug '11

Tourist Shish Kebab

SUBMITTED BY: Ben and Sarah Cole   LOCATION: Glenwood Caverns, Colorado (2011) At the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Historic Fairy Caves, all is not magical.  The best part of this classic Tacky Tourist Photo? — it’s the acting, of course! Great job, Ben!  Looks like you could be the next James Franco. (Ben and […]

Aug '11

Smooching the Sphinx: Dry Lips?

SUBMITTED BY: Dana Prey   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) Wanna recreate the sensation of getting sensual with the Sphinx?  Go kiss a bucket of sand! (Dana Prey is a bacon-loving Southern belle living in New England, who documents her competitive cycling addiction on her “Wall of Pain.”) CURATOR’S PICK — Do you LOVE photographing ancient […]

Jul '11

Young John Travolta scales the Eiffel Tower

SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Hoffer    LOCATION: Paris, France (1972) Backpacking through France after his freshman year of college, Raymond hopped from youth hostel to youth hostel in his disco duds and his copy of “Europe on $5 a Day.” “As for my clothes, these were standard issue among college students at the time,” says Raymond. […]