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Feb '11

OK, so we’re obsessed with Egypt this month — who isn’t?

SUBMITTED BY: Vinnie Raponi    LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) While peaceful Egyptian mobs are beating the crap out of American journalists, TTP is sharpening its focus on the cuter side of Cairo. If Vinnie’s sharp fingernails get any closer, he’ll soon find out if the Great Pyramids of Giza are real or if they are cheap […]

Oct '10

Archeologists uncover evidence of tacky photo-ops in the 1960s

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos     LOCATION: Washington, D.C.  (1965) Here’s compelling evidence that goofy vacation photo-ops were commonplace during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration. See the fancy black photocorners, boys and girls?  Long ago, there was a thing called “film” that you would put in your camera to be “developed.”  And the photos would be […]

Mar '10

Hands off the Painted Ladies… but elbows are OK

SUBMITTED BY: Nancy & Brian Pearson  LOCATION: San Francisco (2009) Nancy and Brian thought that this famous row of Victorian San Francisco houses — a.k.a. “Postcard Row” —  looked like a scale model or movie set… It was so perfect that Brian felt compelled to jump in there and play Godzilla. Nice finesse, guys. As […]

Mar '10

I’ve got the whole world in my hands… NOT!

SUBMITTED BY: Ankura Singh, Andy Odgren, Debra Cohen LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2010) Some tourists make trick photography — in this case the “forced perspective” illusion of holding an object — look really easy.  Take a look at the amazing poise and finesse displayed by this casual cliffwalker in Zion National Park and these architecture buffs […]