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Dec '12

Pint-Sized Samson (or Delilah)

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012) Old Testament fans surely don’t wanna miss the chance to play the role of Samson at the Holy Land Experience Bible park on the outskirts of Disney World.  As you know, Samson destroyed the Temple to the Philistine god, Dagon (Judges 16:23-30), by pushing out the […]

Jan '12

I dare you to bite my finger!

SUBMITTED BY: Allison Scott    LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012) Allison’s father, David, looks more like he is mocking the facial expressions of the T-Rex than he is acting terrified. (David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”)

Sep '11

Kiss of the Century

SUBMITTED BY: Mark Z.   LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida (2011) The guy who made the Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago apparently specializes in providing opportunities to look up the skirts of fiberglass Amazonian women. But Mark’s parents are a lot classier. They preferred to re-enact the famous spontaneous kiss between a sailor and a nurse in […]

Sep '11

Channeling Peter Pan

  SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc and Isabelle    LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2011) Just like Buzz Lightyear’s muscle flexing sessions, Peter Pan teaches Walt Disney World visitors how to be confident and sassy. The key is making a fist as you put your hands on your hips and stick your chest out. Captain Hook would be very […]

May '11

Prohibition on the Planet Gamorr

SUBMITTED BY: Bill Burke   LOCATION: Lake Buena Vista, Florida (2011) According to the Wookieepedia, the Gamorreans were “porcine humanoids from the lush jungle Outer Rim planet of Gamorr, where their technological level was equivalent to lower technology periods that human civilizations experienced more than 25,000 years before the battle of Yavin.” The piglike militants “also […]

Nov '10

When Disney endorsed public humiliation…

SUBMITTED BY: Stacy G.      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (1976) If only the Puritans knew that their preferred method of torture and humiliation would become a favorite amusement park photo-op centuries later. (Tacky Tourist Photos would love to receive so-called “vintage” travel photos from your childhood, like these Disney pics or this other stockade gem from Williamsburg, […]

Oct '10

Never wear tie-dye to Basic Training

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2006) It’s wonderful for Disney to take a pro-military stand! Remember when we played with these Little Green Army Men as kids, tossing pebbles at their helpless platoons? Believe it or not, these toys are now “controversial.” Thanks for sticking up for the troops, Pixar! (The Zackin family […]

Jun '10

Shocking Role Reversal: Statue picks the nose of a tourist!

SUBMITTED BY: Mark and Ari Z. LOCATION: Florida (2010) For those of us who grew up with The Electric Company version of Spider-Man, this scene is particularly disturbing. Spider-Man is supposed to save the world and correct harmful spelling mistakes. He is not the classless kind of guy who violates the nasal passages of innocent […]

Mar '10

I’ve got the whole world in my hands… NOT!

SUBMITTED BY: Ankura Singh, Andy Odgren, Debra Cohen LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2010) Some tourists make trick photography — in this case the “forced perspective” illusion of holding an object — look really easy.  Take a look at the amazing poise and finesse displayed by this casual cliffwalker in Zion National Park and these architecture buffs […]

Feb '10

Tigers and lions and bears, OH MY!

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin   LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida (2010) Contrary to popular belief, a concrete tiger will never hurt you — as long as you leave it alone. (Ari Zackin and his father Mark blog about their travels at http://zackinfamily.wordpress.com )

Feb '10

The Tacky Tourist Citrus Diet

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne LOCATION: Florida (2010) Move over, Jenny Craig. Football guru Kerry Byrne has developed a fool-proof diet plan. “If you want to look like you’ve lost weight, stand next to something much larger and rounder than you,” he says. “Voila! I don’t look a pound over 250 anymore.” Keep your eye on […]

Feb '10

Good to the last drop!

SUBMITTED BY: Greg Constantine   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2009) Having absolutely no fear of public drinking fountains, holding subway poles or sticking his tongue on supermarket carts, Greg eagerly awaits his first taste of germ-covered pretend honey. H1N1 virus be damned! (Filmmaker Greg Constantine, founder and CEO of Galaxy Editing, refuses to vacation at destinations NOT […]

Jan '10

Brand Loyalty

SUBMITTED BY: Laura, a.k.a. “The Wander Woman”  LOCATION: Daytona, Florida (2009) Awwwwwww, isn’t he SIMPLY ADORABLE? The Daytona 500 has no shortage of drunks, to be sure, but how many members of NASCAR nation go the extra mile to coordinate their wardrobe with their beverage?  Does he have cute little matching Jack Daniels socks, too? […]

Jul '09

Capital Punishment debate coming to an arcade near you

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos        LOCATION: Kissimmee, Florida For a mere 25 cents, you can get strapped into a pretend electric chair and “experience” what it’s like to get a small current zapped through your body. This “Hot Seat” amusement ride was inside an arcade at Olde Town, kind of a cheap […]