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Oct '09

When did Buzz Lightyear become a symbol of brute strength?

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida  (2008) Buzz Lightyear pulled a bait on switch on us, urging my son and I to flex our muscles and then pulling the Fonzie thumbs up pose (a timeless classic you can see duplicated here). Superman flexes his biceps. So does Popeye and the Incredible Hulk.  But since […]

Sep '09

Tacky Tutorial: The Importance of Passion

SUBMITTED BY: Chris Morena   LOCATION: Kissimmee, Florida (2009) Stuntman and character actor Chris Morena, who was once a line up suspect on NBC’s Law & Order, takes his tacky tourist photo-ops seriously. As well he should. Notice the passion and energy that Chris demonstrates as he interacts with the wooden board and the fake Will […]