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May '12

Stop Roman Around and Sing!

SUBMITTED BY: Rick Broussard   LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada (2012) Chorus of the Gods?  Rick’s melodic enthusiasm has little effect on his stiff back-up singers! If you happen to be at Caesar’s Palace, home of one of Evel Knievel‘s most bonecrushing stunts, make sure you keep your wife away from their flirtatious guards. (Rick Broussard, […]

Mar '10

Posing with Evel: A Tacky Tourist Tutorial

Take a look at Tacky Tourist Photos co-founder and curator Darren Garnick in the picture above. Sure, he’s one of the world’s most knowledgeable authorities on kitschy travel snapshots. But even he can occasionally forget the basics. There’s nothing particularly bad about this photo, but there’s nothing especially creative about it either. The best Tacky […]

Dec '09

Sibling Torture: The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Mandich  LOCATION: Williamsburg, Virginia (1975) The Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage starts to empathize with his or captors. The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome is when a torture victim has no memory of being tortured. Five-year-old Steve Mandich is seen here lifelessly dangling from the stockades as sister Cheryl, 10, sticks out her […]