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Oct '12

Equator Ecstasy

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Wasserman  LOCATION: Somewhere on the Zero-Degree Latitude Line, Kenya (2010) This tourist sign looks like a junior high school geography mural, but it was a welcome sight for recreational jumper and travel blogger Michael Wasserman. Obsessed with imaginary lines, Michael later visited another Equator photo-op in nearby Uganda, a site crawling with […]

Oct '09

The Ugandan Tourist Trap: Milking the Equator for all it’s worth

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson LOCATION: Uganda (2006) Photojournalist Brian Henderson was in the region “raising awareness,” as he puts it, for the Batwa Pygmies. But he also found time to raise awareness about the Equator, the often-celebrated-but-misunderstood imaginary line at zero degrees latitude. We’re just thrilled that we can now fill in Uganda on our […]