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Nov '15

Selfie Central

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott   LOCATION: Moscow, Russia (2015) Sometimes you just can’t resist the obvious! (David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, is widely regarded as a Social Media Pharaoh)  

Jan '13

Social Media Emperor

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2013) World famous papyrus researcher and Egyptian Ambassador Hassan Ragab was charmed by Disney’s EPCOT’s theme park — which inexplicably does not include Egypt — but he thought it was a bit “too computerized” for his tastes. Ragab’s attempt at a “more human” amusement park is the […]

Apr '12

The Sodium King

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott  LOCATION: Krakow, Poland (2012) Salt MINES?  People used to risk their lives for table salt, even though the oceans are filled with the stuff? Apparently so, and now the Wieliczka Salt Mines, home of an underground Catholic chapel carved out of salt and all-salt sculptures of Pope John Paul II […]

Oct '11

Bogged Down With Berries

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott LOCATION: Nantucket, Massachusetts (2011) The big question unanswered at the Nantucket Cranberry Festival: What’s underneath the red tide? Do cranberry farmers swish around the wet bogs in their bare feet, giving the juice that extra special bite? (Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, who blogs at Web Ink Now, most recently […]

Sep '11

Rock Star Groupie

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott   LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden (2011) Unlike the pathetic fashion attempts of American tourists, it is genuinely possible to wear a beret and still be respected in Europe. Hats (or berets) off to the improvisational skills of David, who uses his Stockholm tourist map to mirror the statue’s sheet music. Which famous […]