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Aug '10

Darwinist Vacations: When Tourists Go SPLAT!!!

A 20-year-old British tourist is now in a coma after attempting to jump from his hotel balcony into the pool last week while on vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Apparently, the thrill-seeking fad of “balconing” is sweeping the Iberian peninsula. If your vacation is so dull that you need to risk death to enjoy yourself, maybe […]

Aug '09

Tacky Tourist Photos condemns the Mona Lisa mugger, French police

By a unanimous 3-0 vote, the Executive Board of Directors of Tacky Tourist Photos unconditionally condemns the Russian tourist who threw her coffee mug at the Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre. The London Telegraph recreates the scene here: “Screams erupted from the 40-odd tourists jostling for position around Leonardo da Vinci’s enigmatic painted lady […]