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Dec '11

Jumpshot #1: Stonefaced Audience

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman  LOCATION: Easter Island, Chile From the same kooks who probably think the 1969 NASA Moon Landing was created in a secret CIA movie studio, we’ve been accused of creating some of our more surreal Tacky Tourist Photos in Adobe Photoshop.  The “Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts” shot in particular has a few conspiracy […]

Jan '10

Top of the Pyramid: Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts

SUBMITTED BY: Emily Berezin   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009) Wouldn’t the Middle East Peace talks be a little less boring with cheerleaders? This once-in-a-lifetime pose was not done with Photoshop or trick photography. Emily simply jumped off the camel, which is resting on its stomach on the scorching desert sands of Giza. Emily’s enthusiasm, optimism and […]