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Jul '13

How Boys Play With Rainbows

SUBMITTED BY: Kurtis and Kaden Garnick   LOCATION: Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada (2013) Show a girl a rainbow and her imagination will start generating unicorns and Care Bears. Show a boy a rainbow, and he’ll try to squeeze the life out of it or karate chop it in half.   (Check out other refracted light […]

Sep '09

There’s NO WAY this homeowner is married

SUBMITTED BY: Robert Warner   LOCATION: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (2009) Nothing brightens up a Canadian roadtrip adventure more than seeing American cultural imperialism smiling from the natives’ lawns. Chances of an adult woman living in this house: ZERO. Otherwise this guy’s Simpsons fetish would be channeled through a few figurines in the recreation room or […]