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Dec '11

Show us your Great Wall dance moves

We’ve previously showcased some great improvisational acting on the Great Wall of China, such as TTP star correspondent Brian Henderson’s “Where Can I Find a Decent Chinese Restaurant?” pose.  But YouTube dance star Nonstop really kicks things up a notch!      

Jul '11

The Sinister Armadillo

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Houston, Texas (2011) The shiny mascot of Goode’s Armadillo Palace — a local BBQ and music joint — looks sweet and innocent by day. But after nightfall, it turns evil. Be forewarned! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an appetite as huge as the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Oct '10

Where can I find a decent Chinese restaurant?

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Mutianyu, China (2010) There are some places where a GPS won’t help you. (Photojournalist Brian Henderson is one of our most prolific Tacky Tourist models, entertaining people from San Francisco‘s Golden Gate Bridge to Uganda‘s Imaginary Equator Line!)

Oct '09

The Ugandan Tourist Trap: Milking the Equator for all it’s worth

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson LOCATION: Uganda (2006) Photojournalist Brian Henderson was in the region “raising awareness,” as he puts it, for the Batwa Pygmies. But he also found time to raise awareness about the Equator, the often-celebrated-but-misunderstood imaginary line at zero degrees latitude. We’re just thrilled that we can now fill in Uganda on our […]

Sep '09

The Golden Gate Appetizer

SUBMITTED BY; Brian Henderson   LOCATION: San Francisco, California Those Creature Double Feature monster movies are always attacking New York or Tokyo. It’s about time another city got picked on! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an uncanny ability to dance like a Dr. Seuss character).