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Nov '10

Getting sloshed with Ben Franklin

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K. LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2010) At least in Boston or Philadelphia, dressing like Ben Franklin makes you an instant chick magnet.

Nov '10

Oktoberfest Bunnies & Cows

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne    LOCATION: Munich, Germany (2010) Only a few hours into Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich becomes a giant Facebook page filled with alcohol-induced photo-ops. We have no idea what possesses grown men to dress in pink bunny pajamas and cows with exposed udders when there are no costume parties at any […]

Oct '10

Oktoberfest: Do these drinks come in kiddie sizes?

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Freising, Germany (2010) You know what it takes to stay in business for a THOUSAND YEARS? Not being chintzy on the serving sizes. At the historic Weihenstephan Brewery, founded in 1040, there is no such thing as a small! (Kerry Byrne, aka “The Beer Traveler,” is visiting the World’s […]