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Oct '10

Imagine there’s no tourism…

SUBMITTED BY: Tammie Lowry LOCATION: Havana, Cuba (2004) Probably not too bright for a silly Web site to take a controversial political stand, but Tacky Tourist Photos hereby calls on the Obama administration to IMMEDIATELY lift the Cuba travel embargo so we can go see 1950s cars, see some raw baseball talent and eat sugar […]

Aug '09

Squished like a Beatle: The most dangerous tourist photo-op EVER

SUBMITTED BY: Pete Kilroy LOCATION: North London, England And people make fun of Trekkies? You won’t find a more obsessed group than Beatles fans, who 40 years after the release of their last album, Abbey Road, still flock to the site of the original album cover. Naturally, telling them it’s just a frickin’ crosswalk (or […]