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Oct '11

George Washington: The down-to-earth aristrocrat

SUBMITTED BY: Mark Arsenault and Jennifer Levitz  LOCATION: Mount Vernon, Virginia (2011) Barack Obama won’t come greet you when you tour the White House.  Speaker of the House John Boehner won’t give you the time of day when you visit the Capitol. But George Washington cares about his fans. The Father of Our Country’s PR […]

May '11

Foreign policy that makes you want to hurl

Based on his spirited Superman pose in Metropolis, we already knew that Barack Obama was a fan of the Tacky Tourist genre. But it’s a pleasure to see he has company in the Emerald Isle. Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny just presented President Obama with a hurling stick, joking that members of Congress should get “a […]

Oct '10

Naked Cowboy for President?

The only lingering question about the Naked Cowboy’s campaign for president is will he take a page out of the Obama-Clinton playbook and name the Naked Cowgirl as his Secretary of State? Despite their shared love for shocking Manhattan tourists, the Naked Dynamic Duo are actually bitter rivals. As for offbeat presidential candidates, our pick […]

Feb '10

President Barack Obama poses for a Tacky Tourist Photo

Barack Obama has millions of friends. Barack Obama has millions of enemies. We don’t get caught up in domestic political squabbles here at Tacky Tourist Photos, although we do occasionally stick our nose into international affairs. Bottom line is this.  TTP loves Barack Obama for fulfilling our spirit and mission during this 2006 campaign stop. […]