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Sep '10

Who’s the REAL tourist?

SUBMITTED BY: Lillie Marshall    LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand (2010) If you were an extraterrestrial alien and you landed in your hometown, you would think it was the most fascinating tourist destination. Wouldn’t you? We know that sounds a little deep and philosophical for a travel humor site. But we’re not opposed to provoking intellectual conversations. Especially […]

Sep '10

Eye of the Tiger

SUBMITTED BY: Lillie Marshall   LOCATION: Thailand (2010) PETA obviously doesn’t have a strong branch in Thailand. Lillie suspects these cats at the Tiger Temple are sedated with opiates, but even a chained lethargic tiger can rip you to shreds! File under “Gutsiest School Teacher Ever!” (Lillie Marshall is a Boston high school English teacher who […]

Jun '10

Getting high in Thailand

SUBMITTED BY: Michael S.    LOCATION: Thailand (2010) A pun-inspired shoutout for marijuana legalization in Thailand, where the prisons are filled with tourists who “just” inhaled once. But good news for those who merely fantasize about pot. So far, there have been no reported cases of the authorities confiscating pretend marijuana.