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Apr '11

Man-Eating Bird

SUBMITTED BY: Eliza Truitt    LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland (2011) Or to be more accurate, a woman-eating bird… Why is the Baltimore Oriole about to bite off the head off this innocent baseball fan? Maybe because she was outed as a die-hard Mariners fan! (Eliza Truitt is an enterprising wedding photographer who has been stalking Bigfoot […]

Feb '11

Rockin’ out at the Hard Rock

SUBMITTED BY: Susan Mills    LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland (2008) Susan says she’s channeling Alice Cooper and Wayne Campbell (aka Mike Myers) from “Wayne’s World.”  Looks like from the classy finger posturing, she’s also channeling Lady Gaga.

Apr '10

How to Undersell Your City

SUBMITTED BY: Jonathan Willis    LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland Before you jump on the branding buffoons who came up with Baltimore’s “City That Reads” advertising slogan, take note that the city’s intelligentsia mocks it, too. Noting the high murder rate and births out of wedlock, locals have suggested that “The City That Bleeds” or “The City That […]