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Sep '12

Magic Carpet Ride… Without the Rug

Leap Over the Taj: Norman isn't the slightest bit nervous to do his thing in front of a crowd.

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman    LOCATION: Agra, India (2012)

In Ancient Times, we know which tourist would have been the Court Jester!

(Jumping Norman is one of the world’s most preeminent practitioners of the joyful frozen-in-midair photo-op.  You can see all of his work on his Facebook page.)

Sep '12

Pumping PEZ

Stacy is the Atlas of the Candy World.

SUBMITTED BY: Stacy G.   LOCATION: Orange, Connecticut (2012)

At the PEZ Visitors Center, right next to the PEZ factory, you can carry the weight of the Candy World on your shoulders.

(Stacy G. has previously shared her Las Vegas fling with Roman Gladiators)

Aug '12

Gator Appetizers at Happy Hour

Home of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

SUBMITTED BY: Ari G.   LOCATION: Seaside Heights, New Jersey (2012)

When Curly Fries, Fried Pickles or Salt Water Taffy won’t do… there’s a snack for every kind of customer strolling the Jersey boardwalks.

(Ari G. is a New Hampshire fifth grader who recently won the Sphinx Rodeo).

Aug '12

Olympic Swagger

Young visitors at Heathrow Airport strike a victory pose with a wax statue of Jamaican gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt. (Source: London Olympics Press Office)

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos   LOCATION: London, England (2012)

So maybe you can’t also be the Fastest Man on Earth, but you certainly can mimic his Greek mythology victory pose!

Aug '12

Mini Golf Mayhem

SUBMITTED BY: Marty Karlon   LOCATION: Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2010)

Sharing a first name with a concrete bear is no guarantee he won’t attack you.

(Marty Karlon is a seasoned journalist and communication professional with a soft spot for community theater and a low tolerance for cookie-cutter press releases).

Jun '12

Father Figure: Sitting on Fred

Mr. Rogers maintains a posthumous presence for children of all ages!

SUBMITTED BY: Al Kaufman   LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2012)

It’s always a “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” when you get to sit on Mr. Roger’s lap!

It’s a fitting pose to pay tribute to the PBS sweatered icon. Good thing that sculptor Robert Berks did his research and didn’t believe the urban legend that Fred Rogers was a U.S. Marine Corps sniper or a Navy SEAL.

(Al Kaufman is an Atlanta music writer who recently investigated celebrity underarm odor for Tacky Tourist Photos).

May '12

Stop Roman Around and Sing!

New Hampshire Magazine editor Rick Broussard, caught here relaxing during the City and Regional Magazine Association Conference, never leaves home without his ukulele!

SUBMITTED BY: Rick Broussard   LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada (2012)

Chorus of the Gods?  Rick’s melodic enthusiasm has little effect on his stiff back-up singers!

If you happen to be at Caesar’s Palace, home of one of Evel Knievel‘s most bonecrushing stunts, make sure you keep your wife away from their flirtatious guards.

(Rick Broussard, head honcho at New Hampshire Magazine, is the editor of “Live Free or Die, Die, Die!“, a short story anthology of pulp detective fiction set in the Granite State.   Follow him on Twitter @broussard)


May '12

Full Speed Ahead

(Click image to see Dave's full goofy facial expression)

SUBMITTED BY: David H.  LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2012)

Fenway Park is strangely not a happy place these days, but tongue-wagging Dave is having more fun than a dog hanging his head out the car window!

Any other MLB ballparks have these photoboards?

May '12

Your Friendly Neighborhood Crusaders

The Tourist Invasion

SUBMITTED BY: Ellie and Michael Mirman   LOCATION: Tel Arshaf (Tel Aviv), Israel (2012)

Tourist sites are equally guilty of romanticizing the Vikings, but these Crusaders seem more likely to want to swap recipes than slit your throats!

For the benefit of our Tacky Tourist history buffs, here’s the scoop on the Crusader fort just outside Tel Aviv: Continue reading "Your Friendly Neighborhood Crusaders" »

Apr '12

Regurgitated Waterfall

In ancient times, kings would leap off Wailua Falls to prove their manhood. And not in the frat boy kind of way portrayed here.

SUBMITTED BY: Ben Cole    LOCATION: Kauai, Hawaii (2012)

So please remind us: What exactly is so romantic about waterfalls?

As baseball purists, you know what makes us want to vomit, Ben?  The fashion faux pas of wearing a Boston Red Sox hat with a Colorado Rockies jersey!

(Ben Cole is a Colorado sixth grader who last charmed the Tacky Tourist community by impaling himself on a plaster stalagmite)

Apr '12

The Sodium King

Click the Salt Mine Commander's nose to be magically transported to the legendary Wieliczka Salt Sculptures more than 1,000 feet below the streets of Krakow, Poland.

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott  LOCATION: Krakow, Poland (2012)

Salt MINES?  People used to risk their lives for table salt, even though the oceans are filled with the stuff?

Apparently so, and now the Wieliczka Salt Mines, home of an underground Catholic chapel carved out of salt and all-salt sculptures of Pope John Paul II and Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” is one of Poland’s top tourist attractions.

Whatever you do, don’t lick the walls!

(David Meerman Scott is the author of international bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” and a sucker for classic dinosaur movies.)

Mar '12

Dominoes Can Be Deadly

The World's Largest Dominoes are part of the "Your Move" outdoor art installation at the Municipal Services Building Plaza (15th Street at JFK Boulevard).

SUBMITTED BY: Traci and Matt Suppa   LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2012)

Imagine getting crushed by a giant domino — like some kind of sadistic Batman trap staged by The Riddler or The Joker?

We’re assuming that steel rods prevent this nightmare from happening.

But the outdoor location certainly make these the World’s Grimiest Dominoes as well!

(Traci and Matt Suppa run the “Go BIG or Go Home” blog, reporting on “What Happens When A Small-Town Family Visits the World’s Largest … Whatever!”)


Mar '12

Tutu in Times Square

Why has this tutu-clad man volunteered to be a tourist spectacle? Click the pic to find out.

Q: What do you call a hairy shirtless guy in a tutu lying on his back in the middle of the street?

A: If you’re in Times Square, you call it Tuesday.

Brooklyn photographer Bob Carey got some quizzical stares from New York City Police, who asked him if he was “well” based on his dress.  You might think that this costume would be a yawner for the cops, who see far more ludicrous fashions displayed every day in His and Hers versions.

Carey is the mastermind and fashion model for “The Tutu Project,” a fundraising campaign to honor his wife Linda’s ongoing battles with breast cancer. He’s done similar shoots in forests, corn fields, amusement parks, beaches and even an Italian castle.

What? You mean you DON'T dress like this when you're strolling the beach? Click the pic to learn what's motivating the Golden Gate Tutu.

(Bob Carey is the author of the upcoming photography book “Ballerina.” You can follow his tutu-fueled exploits on his Facebook page.)

Mar '12

Onward, Mormon Soldier!

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos  LOCATION: San Diego, California (2012)

The two biggest draws on the Old Town San Diego Trolley Tour are the free Mormon Battalion Museum and the free bottle of souvenir Hot Sauce.

As you might suspect, free religious literature is also available in unlimited quantities.

Mar '12

Bear With Me…

Were you expecting a docile UCLA Bruin?

SUBMITTED BY: Ben Cole   LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (2012)

Since 1984, UCLA athletes have won more gold medals at the Olympic Games than all but four countries.

And this Bruins mascot has bitten more tourists than all other bear statues in America combined.

We made up that last statistic, but the Olympics thing is true.

Kudos to Ben for his improvisational acting skills!

(Ben Cole is a transplanted New England sports fan living in Colorado).