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Feb '10

Tigers and lions and bears, OH MY!

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin   LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida (2010) Contrary to popular belief, a concrete tiger will never hurt you — as long as you leave it alone. (Ari Zackin and his father Mark blog about their travels at http://zackinfamily.wordpress.com )

Aug '09

You are what you eat: Be the chocolate banana

SUBMITTED BY: Pam O’Meara   LOCATION: York Beach, Maine (2009) Somebody call Ralph Nader. This is one of the most insidious examples of product placement imaginable. Mere steps away from the frozen banana bicycle cart at York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo is an invitation for children to fantasize about being smothered in chocolate and rainbow ice cream […]

Aug '09

Thank God for politically incorrect zoos

SUBMITTED BY: Paul Garnick   LOCATION: Mendon, Massachusetts (2009) Massachusetts is a place where animals at state-funded zoos were recently threatened to be put on Death Row because of budget cuts. It is also a place where gorillas throw their dung at elected officials. With those two irrelevant Bay State zoo facts out of the way, […]