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Sep '09

Reinventing the Wheel

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie Mirman   LOCATION: Somewhere in the French Countryside (2009) The man in this picture has multiple engineering degrees from prestigious universities. Yet, it does not register to him that rolling a square is a lot tougher than rolling a circle! (Barrie Mirman is thrilled to be married to the co-founder of Tacky Tourist […]

Sep '09

Tacky Tourist Photos announces the launch of FRANCE WEEK!

France means many things to many people. For military strategists, it is a place to ruminate about the dumbest national defense plan EVER, the Maginot Line. For Sylvester Stallone fans, it is the place where Sly once played goalie against an All-Star Gestapo soccer team and showed that anything is possible if you grunt and […]