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Feb '13

Lumberjack Lore: Minnesota vs. Maine Bragging Rights

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen  LOCATION: Bangor, Maine (1995) The lumberjacks of northern and central Maine claim that legendary giant Paul Bunyan was born there. The lumberjacks of Minnesota claim the Land of 10,000 Lakes as Bunyan’s birthplace. Who’s right? Who cares. The more kitschy Paul Bunyan statues in the world, the better. Bemidji, Minnesota has […]

Jan '13

Ice Cream Hugger

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson and Anne Donelan   LOCATION: I-95, Dillon, South Carolina Anyone who has ventured on a Florida roadtrip from any East Coast destination can attest to the marketing power of the South of the Border truck stop, a.k.a. “America’s Favorite Highway Oasis.” It’s relentless Beat Down Marketing, pummeling you with billboard updates […]

Mar '12

Dominoes Can Be Deadly

SUBMITTED BY: Traci and Matt Suppa   LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2012) Imagine getting crushed by a giant domino — like some kind of sadistic Batman trap staged by The Riddler or The Joker? We’re assuming that steel rods prevent this nightmare from happening. But the outdoor location certainly make these the World’s Grimiest Dominoes as well! […]

Sep '11

World’s Largest Chair?

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K.   LOCATION: Lake Champlain, Vermont (2011) Oh yes, there’s been a century-long battle to claim the World’s Largest Chair, a virtual arms race amongst fake oversized furniture makers.  Gardner, Massachusetts, aka “The Chair City,” has been making grown tourists look like Munchkins since at least 1910, based on this vintage postcard. […]

Jul '11

The Sinister Armadillo

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Houston, Texas (2011) The shiny mascot of Goode’s Armadillo Palace — a local BBQ and music joint — looks sweet and innocent by day. But after nightfall, it turns evil. Be forewarned! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an appetite as huge as the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Feb '11

Killer Rabbit: Does Wall Drug live up to the hype?

Tweet SUBMITTED BY: Adriana Perez  LOCATION: Wall, South Dakota (2011) Anyone who’s ventured on a cross-country trip to find themselves, has likely found at least a hokey billboard teasing Wall Drug. The tourist mecca is about 75 miles from Mount Rushmore, but it hypes itself as a coming attraction from hundreds of miles away. Some […]

Feb '11

Greetings from the Princess City: Pocahontas, Iowa

SUBMITTED BY: Cali Ressler   LOCATION: Pocahontas, Iowa (2011) Pocahontas, the Native American heroine best known for her “Colors of the Wind” ballad, greets visitors to one of the most sparsely populated corners of Iowa. One of the best ways to sell more t-shirts and snowglobes is to name your town after a Disney character. (Cali […]

Sep '09

There’s NO WAY this homeowner is married

SUBMITTED BY: Robert Warner   LOCATION: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (2009) Nothing brightens up a Canadian roadtrip adventure more than seeing American cultural imperialism smiling from the natives’ lawns. Chances of an adult woman living in this house: ZERO. Otherwise this guy’s Simpsons fetish would be channeled through a few figurines in the recreation room or […]